Taco Bell

OMG its bout time to go to Taco Bell and then watch the Hangover 3! i realized that many times I am tweeting it is about stoner adventures at taco bell. Well it’s true. Stoners go there. and to Jack in the Box. Have you seen those munchie commercials? They are tailor made for stoners basically. I ate one but those tacos made my stomach upset. This is why I prefer Taco Bell. And gonna get some of those cinnabon delights aka AMAZEBALLS!!!!



Got high and now gonna talk about TV. Because I started this blog today, I can start with the fact that I’m watching SNL with Tina Fey and so far it basically sucks. The monologue was incredibly lame and I usually like Tina Fey so this is weird. And why is SNL obsessed with all white people this season? These new cast members are white as shit.

Edit 12:31am: now they want to trot Lorne Michaels out like, oh look, this is exciting.

Edit 12:37am: Cecily Strong got weekend update??